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Concepts for R&R Studies (Barrentine)

 Author(s)  Larry Barrentine
 Title  Concepts for R&R Studies
 Year  2003
 Publisher  ASQ Quality Press
 ISBN  0-87389-557-6

Table of Contents


Chapter 1  Introduction

Chapter 2  Procedures for Performing and R&R Study

Chapter 3  Measurement Capability Indices

Chapter 4  Planning an R&R Study

Chapter 5  What Do We Do If the Results Are Unacceptable?

Chapter 6  How Do I Compare R&R Results to the Device Manufacturer's Specs?

Chapter 7  Evaluation by Analysis of Variance

Chapter 8  What are the Relationships of the Measurement Capability Indices and Process Capability?

Chapter 9  Examples of Problems and Procedures
  • X-Ray Gage
  • Electronic Width Gage
  • Chemicals
  • Sheet Flatness
  • Physical Tests
  • Profilometers
  • Micrometers
  • Scales
  • Bore Gage
  • Nuclear Moisture Gage

Chapter 10  Conclusion

Index to Appendixes
  • Appendix A  The Standard Procedure
  • Appendix B  Factors for Varying Sample Sizes
  • Appendix C  Derivation of Repeatability and K1 and K2 Factors
  • Appendix D  Derivation of the Calculation of Reproducibility
  • Appendix E  How to Address Variation within a Sample
  • Appendix F  Confidence Levels in Estimating Standard Deviations
  • Appendix G  Use of Control Charts
  • Appendix H  Relationship of Process Capability and Measurement Capability Indices
  • Appendix I  The Effect of R&R on Process Capability




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