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Standard items common to many reports


  • Each page should have a page number, often found at the bottom of each page in the page footer.  "Page x of y"
  • The author's name should be included
  • SPELL-CHECK the document !!


H# - indicates header style/level
horizontal line indicates page break

Version table


(H1) Executive Summary or Abstract
  • About 100 words or less in one or two paragraphs; answers the questions "what is this?" and "why do I care?".


(H2) Purpose
  • Describes the research question.  What is it that the study is exploring?

(H2) Data Set Description
  • Description the data set - where did it come from or how was the data collected, and what are the variables and noteworthy characteristics.
  • Description of the sampling plan, including randomization, blocking, etc.
  • Description of the sample size and rationale.

(H2) Methods
  • What methods were used in the analysis.

(H2) Software used
  • List the software system(s) that was (were) used for the analysis.
  • Example:  If using R, then include the contents of citation() and perhaps also sessionInfo()

(H2) References
  • Books, articles, web sites, other supporting information.

(H2) Results / Conclusions
  • Top level final results and conclusions drawn.

  • The detailed work that led to the final result.
  • This section should include model exploration and diagnostics.

  • For script-based packages such as R and SAS, include the code used.
  • For non-script packages (Statistica, Minitab), include the model syntax (where available).

  • This section actually should list the data, where feasible.

Attached templates

The files attached at the bottom of this page are templates that were built for various types of reports.
They all have the same general structure, but each is tailored for a particular type of statistical method.
Also consider using the site search function for the word "template".

Boilerplate verbiage for reports.

"Any conclusions drawn by the project team outside of this report that differ from the conclusions stated within this report are the responsibility of those stating the conclusions."