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Reliability has three facets (Wikipedia;; NIST)

  • The ability of a system or component to perform its required function(s) (measured in terms of probability)
  • Under stated conditions (environment)
  • For a specified period of time (or number of cycles)

Useful online resources:

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Open Reliability

Dr. Bill Meeker at Iowa State University
  • SPLIDA (S-Plus Life Data Analysis) 

Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC) 
  • RIAC Repertoire - Online Training for ASQ CRE Exam
    • RIAC's set of five on-line interactive reliability engineering training courses developed around the American Society for Quality (ASQ) body of knowledge for the Certified Reliability Engineer's (CRE) exam.

Ops A La Carte (Reliability Consultants and Trainers) 

NIST - Assessing Product Reliability