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Logistic Regression Example 1 (Statistica)

Notes and Considerations

Simple (one explanatory variable) logistic regression model example.

For a "how-to" set of screen shots, see the file attached below "Logistic Regression Kutner Table 14-1.doc".

A statement of the example along with some results is given in the file "Kutner Table 14-1 Example (text extract).pdf" attached below.

Data Set

See file "CH14TA01.txt" or "CH14TA01.csv" attached to Kutner text page.

(The .csv file has column headers and may be easier to work with.)

Click here to directly download the .txt file.
Click here to directly download the .csv file.

Analysis or Script File

The Statistica file "Logistic Regression Kutner Table 14-1.stw" is attached below.