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X-bar and R Chart Example 1 (Statistica)

Notes and Considerations

Based on section 5-2.2 "Development and Use of X-bar and R Charts" in Statistical Quality Control (Montgomery).

Data Set

The data is available at the bottom of the reference page
Statistical Quality Control (Montgomery)

File: Chapter_5_Examples.xls

Table 5-1 "Flow Width Measurements (microns) for the Hard-Bake Process".

Analysis or Script File

See the Statistica workbook attached at the bottom of this page.  [Example 1 X-bar and R chart (Statistica).stw]

For a basic overview of how to conduct the analysis and generate the X-bar and S chart, see the document attached at the bottom of this page.
[Example 1 X-bar and R chart (Statistica).doc]