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Multiple Stream Control Charts


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Things to consider:
  • The usual assumptions for standard SPC charts apply (independent observations; identically distributed)
  • Is there cross-correlation between streams?

StatSoft Online Help - Multiple Stream Processes

Book:  "Innovative Control Charting: Practical Spc Solutions for Today's Manufacturing Environment" (on
  • ISBN-10: 0873893859
  • ISBN-13: 978-0873893855

Group Control Charts (GCC)
  • proposed by Boyd (1950)
  • described in Burr (1976), Pyzdek (1992, Chapter 21) and Montgomery (1997, Section 8.3)

Article:  Statistical Process Control of Multiple Stream Processes
  • Authors - Mortell, Robert R.; Runger, George C.
  • ASQ QICID: 11395
  • "A model that allows correlation between the streams is described and a simple control strategy is recommended. Performance comparisons are provided."

Article:  SPC of Multiple Stream Processes - a chart for enhanced detection of shifts in one stream
  • Based on a Residuals Group Control Chart