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Chi Squared Test Example 2 (Statistica)

Notes and Considerations

Chi-Squared analysis of crosstab table with 2 rows and 2 columns 
This example incorporates two methods of analyzing the data.
1.  Chi-square analysis using the cross-tab method and Pearson's chi-square test statistic.
2.  Generalized Linear Modeling using the (M-L) Maximum Likelihood chi-square test statistic. 
This example also includes an example of calculating and interpreting the Odds Ratio and its interval estimate.
See attachment for "how to" file 
"Chi-Square Example 2 (Statistica).doc " 

Data Set

Link to Agresti data sets.  (link)
See file "Table 2-3.csv"  

Analysis or Script File

See attached file "Chi-Squared Test Example 2.stw"