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Measurement Uncertainty Budget

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Will put references and examples here as time permits.

What is a MUB and why do we care about it?
  • This is the method that we would use to determine the requirements of a gauge / measurement system for a specific application.
  • A MUB tells us if the measurement system and equipment is appropriate for a measurement task based on the amount and sources of uncertainty.

PUMA and Uncertainty Contributors
  • ISO 14253-2:2011
  • Geometrical product specifications (GPS) -- Inspection by measurement of workpieces and measuring equipment -- Part 2: Guidance for the estimation of uncertainty in GPS measurement, in calibration of measuring equipment and in product verification
  • Introduces the Procedure for Uncertainty MAnagement (PUMA), which is a practical, iterative procedure based on the GUM for estimating uncertainty of measurement without changing the basic concepts of the GUM. It is intended to be used generally for estimating uncertainty of measurement and giving statements of uncertainty.
  • See also "Circle of Uncertainty Contributors"

The file "MUB Nielsen training - distributions.R.txt" attached below has R code to demonstrate several of the concepts related to distributions, the central limit theorem, and Equivalent Standard Deviation.

# R code to demonstrate some of the distributional concepts covered by Dr. Nielsen in his training.

# Dr. Nielsen's version of the Central Limit Theorem

# This code also shows good agreement with the estimated multipliers for Equivalent Standard Deviation (the multiplier of "a" on the slide with the different distributions shown).

Clifford Long,
Mar 19, 2012, 11:12 AM