GR&R Example 1 AIAG (R)

Notes and Considerations

Based on the ANOVA method

Option 1
Recommend using the "SixSigma" package for GR&R in R.

Option 2
Another option uses the R package "qualityTools".  However, this package requires some extra data handling that the SixSigma package does not.
There are other R packages, as well.

See also the file "AIAG MSA Variables GR&R Example.pdf" that contains an excerpt from the AIAG MSA Manual of the example and output.

Data Set

See the file "AIAG_MSA_Figure_12_(Variables_GRR).csv" under  Data Sets AIAG MSA Manual.  (link)

Also attached below.

Analysis or Script File

See attached file "AIAG GRR.R.txt".