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Plackett Burman Designs

General Notes

Plackett Burman designs can be categorized into two groups:  Geometric and Nongeometric.

  • Geometric designs have a number of treatments that is a power of 2 (2p).  Geometric designs are fractional factorial designs.
  • Non-geometric designs have a number of treatments that is a multiple of four (excluding those that have 2p).

Plackett Burman designs are Resolution III.

See NIST for material on Plackett Burman designs (non-geometric)

See the attached file "2006-07 email Plackett-Burman design and Statistica.pdf" for information on matching the design generator in Statistica with those found in various text books.

Useful concepts for making an educated guess regarding confounded main effects and interactions are discussed in Testing 1-2-3 Experimental Design in Marketing and Service (Ledolter) and include:
  • Effect sparsity
  • Hierarchical ordering of effects
  • Effect heredity