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Data Collection Strategies

An interesting article in ASQ Quality Progress lists seven data collection strategies.  This seems worth noting so a summary is provided here, along with a link to the article ( which is "open access".

  1. Observational Studies
  2. Monitoring Techniques
  3. Process Capability
  4. Measurement Assessment
  5. Sampling
  6. Design of Experiments
  7. Complementary Data and Information

An excerpt of the table in the article is included:

 Collection Strategy
 Common Techniques
 Observational Study
 Convenience sample regression
 Contingency table
 Data Mining
 Monitoring Techniques
 Statistical Process Control (SPC)
 Control Charts
 Process Capability
 Process Capability Indices
 Measurement Assessment
 Gauge Studies (Measurement System Analysis)
 Sampling Simple Random SAmpling
 Stratified Sampling
 [Cluster Sampling]
 Design of Experiments
 Pilot and Screening study
 Response Surface study
 Confirmatory study
 Complementary Data and Information
 The seven basic tools
 The 'new' quality tools