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Example - Sampling and Randomization for DGRR

This sampling and randomization plan was created to support an MSA study.  The study involved two facilities where measurements might occur in the future.  Two response variables were involved:  Film Tear (based on DGRR) and Film Thickness (based on GRR).  Each site had two operators who would take measurements.  Variation was considered between master rolls of film, and across the width of the film based on the results of earlier studies using One-Way ANOVA.  Two film types were included ... film type 1 and film type 2 (the differences were believed to be solely cosmetic).  The focus was on the film type 1, with some investigation of film type 2 properties to verify that they matched those of the film type 1.

The data collected was also designed to support an initial SPC study on the two film characteristics.