Welcome to Kindergarten!!

                                                                     Kindergarten Teachers
January 25th~Report cards 
February 2nd~Groundhog Day
February 3rd~ 100th day of school(Don't forget to dress like you are old.)
February 11th~ Early Dismissal
Februray 12th~No School (Snow Makeup Day)
February 15th~No School (Snow Makeup Day)

The students need to know the letters and sounds of the alphabet at this point in the year.
The students need to recognize their name and the letters in their name.
The students need to be able to identify their colors and their shapes. 
The students should start to recognize sight words. They should know their numbers and colors at this point.

Our stories this month are:
100th day


We will be working on colors and shapes. This will be a review as the children should know their colors and shapes coming into Kindergarten.
The students need to know how to count and print to 20 and identify those numbers. 
We are starting to introduce greater than/less than. 
Odd/Even Numbers

SCHOOL TIME: Please have your child here by 8:05 as we start our day as soon as the morning announcements are over. 
                            High Frequency Words:
 I        to        can        see     and
my     the       at            are     am
is     a    was   there    play    put
on    went   up   has   this    but
did      there     it      go      of    said
for    we   me   have 
Sites for the kids to go to:
www.mrsperkins.com  (This is a site for sight words.)