Crestview Middle School

8th Grade Language Arts and 7th Grade Writing

8th Grade Agenda

February 27-March3
We will continue our work on Outsiders this week.

Monday (27)- Narrative Perspective- Mind Map
Tuesday (28)- Vocab. Notes with Homework and finish Mind Map
Wednesday (1)- Read Chapter 7 
Thursday (2)- Connotation and Denotation Study
Friday- (3)- Chapter 8 with questions


7th Grade Agenda

February 27-March 3
Tuesday- MLA Terms Introduction Activity
Wednesday-  MLA Practice
Thursday- MLA Practice
Friday- Scope MLA Practice
*NoRedInk assignment due Feb. 28th



Writing 7


 Resources & Favorite Links


Come watch the Donkey Basketball game on Wednesday!    Get tickets in the office.  Don't miss student work displays, food, and fun!