Crestview Middle School

8th Grade Language Arts and 7th Grade Writing

8th Grade Agenda

January 23-27
We will concentrate on a story called "Flowers for Algernon."  During this two and a half week unit we will make nonfiction connections to this fictional story, study vocabulary, verbals, and point of view (narrative perspective).  

Monday- Vocab. list #2 with homework (Due Tuesday) / Continue reading "Flowers for Algernon"
Tuesday- Notes- Point of View and continue reading
Wednesday- Begin storyboard to show point of view and narrative perspective
Thursday- "Flowers for Algernon" compre. quiz and finish storyboard
Friday- Finish "Flowers..."
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7th Grade Agenda

January 16-20
Monday- No School 
Tuesday- I will introduce elements of book reviews and show examples of book reviews.  Students will select a book and begin a rough draft review.
Wednesday- Students will continue writing their reviews.
Thursday- Students will make a final copy of their reviews.
Friday- Students will complete a Scope Study.
*NoRedInk assignment due January 27th*

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