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What's going on this week?

Math 8

Week of April 2, 2018
Monday - Graphing practice/notes S.I. 3d, 4d
Tuesday - Graphing WS
Wednesday -Window project started
Thursday - window project
Friday - Turn in WS, S.I. due, continue working on Window

Week of April 9, 2018
Monday - Window Due, Notes on Systems of Equations, SI 3g
Tuesday - Systems Algebraically
Wednesday -Finish Systems
Thursday -Functions
Friday - Functions

week of April 16, 2018
Tuesday- Functions
Wednesday- Functions
Thursday -Functions
Friday - ELA testing incentive 

Week of April 23, 2018
Monday- Functions
Tuesday- Similar Figures
Wednesday- Congruent Figures
Thursday-Pythagorean Theorem
Friday- Pythagorean Theorem


week of April 2, 2018
Monday - 11:4
Tuesday - 11:8
Wednesday - 12:7
Thursday - 12:2
Friday - 12:3

week of April 9, 2018
Monday - 12:4
Tuesday - 12:6
Wednesday - Chapter 11/12 Review
Thursday - Chapter 11/12 Test
Friday - Chapter 11/12 Test
week of April 16, 2018
Monday - 
Thursday - 

Week of April 25, 2018
Tuesday - 
Wednesday - 
Thursday - 
Friday - 

Bell Work
Below you will find your checklists that you should be completing at the beginning of every class.
Math 8
1.  Homework out ready to be checked
2.  Filling out agenda for the day
3.  Online assignments
4.  Review Multiplication facts
5.  Chapter Reviews

1.  Homework out ready to be checked
2.  Filling out Agenda for the day
3.  Online Assignments
4.  Chapter Reviews

Bonus Question for the Month of August/September:

Math 8
any Mastery earned in 8th grade math on Khan Academy

None Available at this time

Monthly Reminders:

Upcoming dates:

March 15th- Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
March 16th- Grade Cards Go Home
March 26th-March 30th - Spring Break
April 6th - Spring Fling Dance
April 18th- ELA Testing
April 19th - ELA Testing
April 20th - School in Session
April 27th - Interims
May 1st - Science Testing
May 3rd - Math Testing

In regards to all math tests in class (Algebra included), we have the option for reteaches during AE period.  You must attend a reteach and show all work to get points back.  the reteaches are available for 5 days after the test is passed back.  Any student who is working on a reteach will turn their test in every day at the end of AE period.

8th Grade Calendar