Course Objective:

 To study American History from the 1600's to the 1800's in an engaging way and learn to be expert learners.

Guiding Questions :

1.Why did Europeans come to America? 

2. How did colonists/Americans they use their resources to develop the colonies/America?

3. What was the Social Contract and how did this lead to independence from Britain? ***

4. How did our democratic government develop?
(Early examples of democratic governments and how America handled the following challenges of democratic government: A. Safety of Strong Cen Gov v Freedom of Weak Cen. Gov B. Minority v Majority Rights C. Peaceful Transfer of Power)***

5. How does the Constitution give our government power while protecting our individual freedoms?

(With an emphasis on the concepts of Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances and Federalism)***

6. What are primary sources and why are they important? ***

7. Why did America fight a Civil War and what were the effects?

*** - Denotes SLO objectives

Subpages (1): Daily Work