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Komiljon Latipov

          ·     Certified level 1 USA            Taekwondo instructor 5th Dan Black Belt

·        Grappling instructor

·         Olympic Style TKD and Kickboxing Coach

·        Experienced injury management and recovery

·        Medic and 1st aid/CPR instructor

Coach Komil Latipov, was born in the city of Dushanbe, in the country of Tajikistan. He attended a Russian school where he began studying Taekwondo at age eight. After graduating at the top of his class, he was accepted into Tajikistan National University to major
in basic law, and learn English. He is fluent in three languages: Russian, Persian and English. His Taekwondo career took off when he was accepted into the Tajikistan National Team from 2000-2005. He took many titles such as second place in Central Asian Games and first in countless other international competitions. 

In the beginning 2005, he came to New York to further his education in law at the City University of New York. Along with school, he worked as a full time trainer for Sungs Taekwondo in Brooklyn and had over 100 of his own students. Married, has 5 year old daughter Laila.

Crescent View Academy Taekwondo Instructor since 2007,
Physical Education teacher at Crescent View Academy.

Work (303) 745 2245 ex.407


Master Komil Latipov Martial Arts History

2013- Coach of CVA TKD Team winner of Colorado Elementary Schools League

2013- USA Taekwondo Certified Level 1 Coach

2013- Coached US Open and Canada Open champions

2013- Coached 2012 London Olympians at US Open and World Championship from TJK

2013-  Elected head coach of Tajikistan national team for World Championship   

2013- Colorado State team coach representative 

2012- Coach of Colorado State TKD School of the Year with KAT team

2012-  Coached AAU/USAT national team member

2012-  Colorado State Team Coach rep.

2011- Coach of Colorado State TKD School of the Year with KAT team

2011 –  Coached 2011 USA National champions, Colorado State champions and winners of International Tournaments.

2010- Coach of Colorado State Taekwondo School of the Year with KAT team

2010 -  Tajikistan national team member and Colorado State Team Member
           Became owner and head instructor, Korean Academy of Taekwondo north.

2010- Certified USA Amateur Athletic Union Taekwondo Coach

2009 -  Colorado State Champion

2009-    Kukkiwon 4th Dan Black Belt

2008 -  Colorado State Champion and State team member

2007 – Became Instructor, Korean Academy of Taekwondo

2006 – Quarter Finals, US Open

2005 -  New York State Champion
             Second Place Hong –Ik TKD Championship
             Instructor, Sung’s Taekwondo

2005-    Participant, WTF World Taekwondo Championships (Madrid,Spain)

2003 – Tajikistan National Champion
             Member, Tajikistan National Team

  WTF Central Asian Games – Silver Medal

2002 -  Member, Tajikistan National Team

   First Place Dushanbe Open

             First Place International Tournament
             First Place Turscim-Zade City Tournament
             Participant, Fajr Intl Cup (Iran)
             Second Place Takawaran Intl Open (Iran)

2001  - Member, Tajikistan National Team

   First Place Sugdion Open

             Kukkiwon 1st Dan

             Silver Medalist Tajikistan National Championship ITF             

             Participant European Open Championship ITF (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2000 – Member, Takistan Jr. Nation Team

  Took Olympic Solidarity Course (Certified by IOC President)

             TKD Technical Seminar (By Mojtabe Narmdeh

1999 – First Place, Tajikistan Open National Championships

              First Place Dushanbe Open Tournament  

1998-    Second Place Tajikistan National Championship

              First Place Dushanbe Open      

1997 – Third Place, Dushanbe Open Championship, Tajikistan

1996-    First Place Kickboxing Tournament, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
1993 – Began Training