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Setting Up the iPods

As we began setting up the iPods we wanted to use a procedure that would allow the teachers and students to easily identify their iPods, know where they went in the cart, and identify any missing iPods. Since we have a lot of student turnover, it was also important to name each iPod in a manner that would not require having to rename the iPods as students left and new one came into the classroom.

We chose to label each slot in the iPod cart with a number using a labelmaker. That same number was added to the back of the iPod with a labelmaker label. We chose silicone iPod cases that were translucent so that we could see the number on the back. Our naming convetnion of each iPod consisted of the Asset Number of the cart to which the iPod was assigned and the number on the back of the iPod and slot in the cart.

Numbered cart slots                                  Corresponding number on
                                                                  back of the iPod

Matching cart and iPod                                iPod name in upper left
numbers                                                       corner of the screen

Click the link below to view information about the Bretford PowerSync Cart:

Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPod

Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPad

Apple's IOS 6 Education Deployment Guide

iAchieve iPod/iPad Management & Security Guidelines

iAchieve iPod/iPad Management and Security Guidelines


1.     Lock your room

2.     Lock your cart

3.     Secure the iPods when not in use (e.g., specials, lunch, end of day)

4.     Do not have students use iPods when there is a substitute

5.     Require students to give their iPod to you if they have to leave the classroom

6.     Best managed by the teacher - stand near the cart when the iPods are being passed out and returned

7.     Be sure students understand that they are the only person responsible for their assigned iPod once they have been handed out

8.     Do have consequences for misuse

9.     Teacher should be the one to unplug the iPods and plug them back in to prevent damage to the sync connectors and cables in the cart

10.  Make sure all iPods and earbuds are accounted for before students go home


11.  Create procedures for passing out and turning in the iPods

12.  Develop and use a sign out/sign in log

13.  Have one member from each table group retrieve and return the iPods

14.  Identify a safe area on student desks/tables to set the iPod

15.  Only fingers should be used to touch the iPod screen

16.  Keep the earbuds in a container (e.g., Ziploc bag) with the student’s name on the container and have a system for storing them

17.  If students are sharing earbuds, be sure to have sanitizing wipes available for cleaning between each use

18.  Always sync to the same computer/laptop

19.  You do not have to sync everyday

20.  Fluency recordings – have the students say their name at the beginning of the recording

21.  Have fluency folders for each student with passages at their level

22.  Keep track of data (e.g., fluency spreadsheet)

Suzanne Sallee,
Aug 8, 2010, 9:13 AM
Suzanne Sallee,
Aug 8, 2010, 9:13 AM