Remembering Jacob Jordan

    When some people read the date February 21st, they think of just any ordinary day. However, I and many other people remember this date as the birthday of one of our former students from the graduating class of 2010, Jacob David Jordan.

    Many of us knew Jacob as a friend, a leader, and even as family. If you knew him as a friend, you would know that he is the friend that would stand by you through thick and thin. He would give you his shirt off his back at any moment. You would also know that he took pride and joy in his truck and Wrestling.

    This is where the leadership part in Jacob came out. Jacob was the captain of Creek Wood’s wrestling team. He was in the weight class of 152. One of Jacob’s main goals was to get a wrestling scholarship so he could attend a good college.

    Although Jacob considered his friends as family, he loved his family more than anything. He was the “family first” kind of person. He would have done anything for his family and loved his mom and dad, Stephanie and Mick Hambrick, very much.

    Jacob David Jordan was a wonderful person inside and out. He impacted mine and many others lives in many ways. Along with many others, I miss him very much. I also know that he will always have a place in our hearts.