Power of "I"

                                                                       The power of “I”

                                                                       By: Bethany Freeman


        The power of “I” was put into place to help students with grades. The real question is does it help them learn? The answer is no students do not learn by taking failed tests over and over again. Students will not be able to retake tests in college, so why do it in high school? Why make teachers stress over unnecessary papers.

        If a student doesn’t pass a test the first time, why let them retake it three times? Years ago, when students took a test and failed, they got the grade they deserved. Now if a student fails a test, he or she gets an “I” until they can make a seventy-five or higher. If he or she makes a one hundred the second time they take the test, they can only make a seventy-five. Students will not learn be continually retaking a test.

       When a student goes to college and fails a test, they get the grade they earned. High school is supposed to help you get prepared for college. Instead we are fixing grades to get into college. So many students will not learn how to properly study for tests to pass them.

       Teachers do more work grading old papers, and keeping track of who needs to retake what instead of focusing on taking care of current papers. If a student has to keep retaking tests, then teachers have to keep running after students and grading unnecessary papers. If there wasn’t a power of “I” then teachers could relax and focus on present papers.

        So many students have “I”’s due to “F”’s on test. If there wasn’t a power of “I”, then students would study harder for test. Students would be more prepared for college, where if they fail the test they may fail the class. So many teachers would have less stress on them if they don’t have to grade unnecessary papers. The power of “I” does not teach students anything.