OPINION--Charlie Sheen

In My Opinion

By: Katie Turbeville

Charlie Sheen has been in the media, and not in a good way. From threatening ex-wife Brooke Mueller to going on crazed rants, Charlie Sheen has definitely made a reputation for himself.  His ex-wife Brooke Mueller currently has a restraining order out against him due to the fact that he allegedly threatened to stab her in the eye with a penknife.  He was just recently fired from his TV show “Two and a Half Men” due to his bad behavior.

                During one of his numerous rants, he attacked the television network he worked for and asked for a raise.  We’re talking about a guy who makes 1.8 million dollars per episode; I don’t see why he’s complaining.  Although he’s already been to rehab once this year, it doesn’t look like he plans on going back anytime soon.  Considering his alcohol and drug abuse, it seems like he needs to.  Since he has behaved so ridiculously you have to wonder, is this a desperate cry for help or just a pathetic attempt for attention?