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Catching up with Coach Fisher

The former Tennessee Titans coach has been leading a good life, ever since being let go as the coach of the titans. He has ran a marathon, and been camping recently. Now the former NFL coach plans to climb a mountain, but not just any mountain. It’s the 5th highest summit of the seven summits. About 20,000 people attempt to climb this mountain and only 11 or 12, 000 finish it. It was hard for Fisher to adjust, after all he was the head coach of the oilers/ titans for 17 years! The mountain that Fisher plans to climb has an elevation of 19,340 feet. He’s only allowed to take 35 pounds of clothing and provisions with him. He plans to reach the peak of the mountain in 5/1/2 days and spend a day and a half to climb back down. Good luck coach Fisher. 
This info courtesy of www.thetennessean.org