Instant Attraction

Instant Attraction

By: Katie Turbeville

                Most people like a certain type of guy or girl: the jock, the cheerleader, the prep, the punk, even the nerd. Do you ever wonder, “Why am I attracted to the same person over and over?” The answer to that question lies within instant attraction. When you meet someone you form an instant opinion and determine whether or not you’re attracted to them. Now can you develop feeling for someone over time? Of course! But generally attraction is determined within minutes of meeting someone.        

                According to Stefan Anitei, everyone connects on different levels: physical, psychological, and many more. Childhood and biological factors may also play in to whom we are attracted. Instant attraction seems to be connected to our early experiences and familiar backgrounds. Our early crushes mold the type of people we will like for the rest of our lives. (Stefan Anitei)      

                Another determining factor in instant attractions stems from our cultural and family backgrounds, along with exposure to the media. The media generally creates a standard or certain look and that can also mold who we are attracted to and who we aren’t. Kate White, Cosmopolitan’s Editor- in-Chief says, “We are hard-wired to like people from the same background as us, same educational level. When you’re in the room you go to the guy or the girl you feel is at your level.” (softpedia)

                However, opposites can also attract, generally when it pertains to a person’s personality. “It’s almost as if we’re trying to balance out what we lack. So if we’re introverted, we’re drawn to that guy that’s the life of the party. Yet another factor is your relationship with your parent of the opposite sex (Kate White). Your relationship with them can greatly influence your other relationships; this subject is stressed by Kate White. She says, “If our dad was incredibly nurturing to us, we’re going to be drawn to a guy like that, possibly. The bad thing is if you had a dysfunctional relationship with that opposite sex parent, your father's cold and distant, you may be drawn to that kind of guy, hoping to fix it.”

                So next time you stop to ponder all the people you’ve dated or had a crush on, you might begin to see a pattern. So whether you like the rocker or the quarterback, the answer as to why can probably be found in instant attraction. It’s crazy to think something as simple as a crush stems back to such complicated information. I guess instant attraction isn’t so instant after all.

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