Gawhar Shad University


Gawhar Shad University was founded in 2003 by the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) in response to the lack of post-secondary education opportunities for Afghan women.

Three curriculum tracks:

  • College of Nursing/Health Education,
  • College of Math and Computer Science,
  • College of Education.

The Nursing/Health Education program provides students with a broad knowledge-base and skill set in nursing, health education, vaccination, midwifery, and disease prevention.

This 18-month intensive course requires students to complete a practical as well as classroom work and provides instruction on over 100 medical topics.

To date, 77 women have graduated from this course and are providing urgently needed health care services to thousands of Afghan women who would not otherwise have access to care.

Some graduates of the course have enrolled in medical school and been exempted from numerous courses because of the quality of training they received form AIL.

It is important to train Afghan female health professionals to respond to the health care crisis facing Afghan women because Afghans have a strong preference that women receive health care only from other women.

The College of Math and Computer Science course subjects include Computer, Math, Dari, Psychology, English, and Islamiat. In addition there is a 3 year degree in computer science offered and a 4 year one in business administration.

To date more than 400 have studied at this college. Currently over 100 students are studying in this program. The young women and men studying in the College of Math and Computer Science are learning the skills they will need to be leaders and innovators in the reconstruction of their home country. To date 65 students have graduated from the 3 year course.

In the College of Education, teachers study to be teacher trainers and Master Teacher Trainers. They learn student-centered, interactive methods of teaching and how to train other teachers to use these methods. They also learn to develop new curriculum and apply interactive teaching methods in new settings and new ways.

Teachers studying to be trainers and master trainers share AIL’s commitment to providing the highest quality education to Afghanistan’s children and youth because they are the future of Afghanistan. The College of Education has graduated 14 Master Teacher Trainers as of December 2007 and 23 teacher trainers.