How We Work

Started more than 15 years ago by members of the community interested in supporting innovative educational initiatives in the Cranford Schools, the Cranford Fund for Educational Excellence has awarded more than $200,000 in supplemental funding for educational grants that empower our teachers and impact our students. These grants support ideas that are aligned with the goals and focus areas of the district schools, but are outside the scope of the regular school budget.

The CFEE is in the middle of an exciting new plan of growth and refocus, and we continue to connect with the schools, reach out into the community, and raise funds for worthy grant proposals.

The goals of the Cranford Fund are:
  • To foster academic excellence by creating an environment that nurtures a rich variety of teaching and learning experiences.
  • To serve as a catalyst for school change, which enhances learning opportunities for children.
  • To encourage and support innovative projects which enable our youth to continue to prosper in an increasingly complex world.
CFEE funding comes from contributions made by parents, community members, local businesses, corporations, foundations and community service organizations.