We are a non-profit, community-based philanthropic foundation. Our mission is to foster academic excellence, promote innovation and enhance the vitality of the Cranford Public Schools by generating additional resources through community involvement.
This year's grants have been awarded! 
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The funds raised by the CFEE go directly toward innovative educational grants, written by teachers or administrators, that impact and advance teacher instruction and student learning in the Cranford Public Schools. Learn about the most recent grants awarded on our NEWS page.

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The CFEE is looking for volunteers to help us in our mission. 


CFEE funding comes from contributions made by parents, community members, local businesses, corporations, foundations and community service organizations.

For this school year, we were able to award more than $32,000 in grants to our teachers thanks to your help. Just think, if each school-aged family in Cranford could donate an average of $100 (some of us can give $1,000 and some of us can give $10), we could give back $240,000 to our schools for next year! Please give what you can and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

The CFEE has embarked on an exciting new plan of growth and refocus. Click the link below to watch our CFEE feature on TV35 online.

CFEE on TV35

Thank You! 

Visit our Events page for info about our 2019 Trivia Night Fundraiser and see highlights from the 2018 event that helped us raise more than $30,000 for our schools!