• Students at Crane High School take pride in their education, accept challenges, and always push themselves to be their best.
  • Students at Crane High School will expect a rigorous and challenging course work.
  • Students will have a vision of what they want to do when they graduate from Crane High school (College, Vocational, Armed Services, and Work Force) and will be prepared to meet the challenges associated with those choices.
  • Student will strive to do their best for state, college, and vocational set standards and goals.

Build Character

  • Students will take pride in their being a part of Crane High School and find it a place they enjoy coming every day.
  • Students will show respect to adults and peers in their speech and actions.
  • Students will develop a vision of who they want to be and take responsibility for their own actions and goals.
  • Students will feel that Crane High School is a safe place to come, where they feel connected and respected by their peers and adults.

As educators at Crane High School we commit to helping accomplish this vision by:

  • Challenging ourselves to do our very best each and every day.
  • Providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum.
  • Teaching student by example what it means to be respectful both in our words and our actions.
  • Developing positive relationships with all our students.
  • Being positive and looking for ways to help students enjoy their experience at Crane High School each and every day.
  • Working together, as a team, to accomplish this vision.