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Pirate Baseball in the SWCL

The Crane Pirates belong to the eight-member Southwest Central League. The Pirates are one of five Class 2 schools in the league (along with Blue Eye, Galena, Sparta and Spokane). One of the other members is Class 1 (Billings) and two are Class 3 (Clever and Forsyth).

The Southwest Central League is a conference located in southwest Missouri. The schools are located in three Missouri Counties. Christian County contains the largest number of Southwest Central League Schools: Billings, Clever, Sparta and Spokane. Blue Eye, Crane and Galena are located in Stone County. Forsyth is the lone Taney County school.

Crane last claimed the Southwest Central League Tournament title in 2010-2011. The Pirates' last SWCL Championship was in 2010-2011 when they shared the title with Forsyth. The Pirates have won or shared the SWCL Championship 12 times dating back to the 1930-31 season.

The eight teams in the conference have a total of 60 district championships, 18 final four appearances and three state championships. The most recent state champion is Sparta in Class 1 in 2003.