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These pages will help you find more information on some of the products we sell through our store in Shokan, New York. The links on the left and below will direct you toward a closer look at what we have to offer. We recommend starting with the Brands pages. After looking at the different brands we offer you can narrow your focus to the type of product you think best fits into your "fire space" project. Use the Contact Us page to ask questions by e-mail, or call us on the phone. For information on installation or repairs visit our Service Department.

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We represent many different manufacturer's brands and many of our manufacturers feature products in several categories. Our focus on these pages will be fireplaces, fireplace inserts, stoves, and fireplace accessories, as well as complementary products such as chimneys, mantels, and hearth protection. After visiting the manufacturer's pages please return here to request further information.

We offer built-in fireplaces that burn Wood, Gas (both Natural Gas and LP), and Bio-fuel pellets (wood pellets, corn) and even Electric. Fireplaces can be just for fun, or act like a furanac
e, capable of heating your entire home. You may be interested in a traditional open fireplace, mostly for aesthetics and ambiance. Or, you may want a fireplace that is highly efficient and contributes to your need for heat. Or, maybe you want a fireplace that excels at both aesthetics and efficiency. Use the fireplace pages to browse fireplaces by fuel and then by size.

Fireplace Inserts also are available in units that burn different types of fuel. Cord wood, coal, wood pellets (or other Bio-mass products), natural gas, or propane (LP). Fireplace inserts can be highly efficient heaters. Whereas Gas Log Sets are intended to upgrade a wood fireplace with an easier way to start a beautiful fire, an insert is designed to upgrade that old innefficient fireplace to a high-efficiency supplementary heater. This page sorts fireplace inserts by fuel and then size.

Free-standing stoves have the widest range of fuels available. We sell stoves that burn wood, coal, pellets, corn and other bio-fuels, both natural and propane gas, and even electricity. While most people identify stoves with efficient supplementary heaters, they can also be used to add a beautiful piece of furniture to your home. Many people use stoves to provide a safe place to build a small charming fire without the expense of a full built-in fireplace. Some stoves are used as primary heaters, other stoves are used only as a backup heat source, or a supplementary source of heat in only one or two rooms, or as cook stoves. Use this page to sort free-standing stoves by fuel and then by size.

We have gas grills, charcoal grills and smokers, even pellet grills - and all types of BBQ accessories for your own barbecue station on your patio or deck. Whether you prefer a simple rolling cart, a built-in outdoor kitchen, or a full-blown "BBQ Pit", we've got you covered. Our pages in this section will showcase all of our outdoor products including barbecue, patio heaters, torch lights, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces.
Other Appliances

We also sell many related fuel-burning or electric products such as Refrigerators, Wall & Utility Furnaces, and Shop Heaters. Check this page for some of these products.
Mantels, Surrounds & Hearths

Fireplaces are typically decorated with some type of mantel or a full mantel surround. It is common to build a functional and beautiful hearth with the help of all types of building materials such as wood, stone, glass, and metal. We offer many types and styles of fireplace decor. The products on these pages can be purchased from stock styles and sizes, or manufactured to your custom specifications.

Chimneys, Liners, and Pipes 

All of our fireplaces that burn a fuel (wood, pellets, gas, etc.) require some type of venting system to safely direct the exhaust out of the building. This page sorts these venting products by type of use. 


Accessories (Log Sets, Tools, Doors and Screens, etc.) 
A bare fireplace is rarely as attractive as a well decorated fireplace, complete with fireplace tools and accessories that make the fireplace experience so enjoyable. Dress up an old open fireplace with a new spark screen, or a cast iron fireback. Replace that well-used tool set with a stylish set to match your new decor. Install a gas log set, or improve the efficiency of the fireplace with the addition of a fireplace glass door. We offer many accessories and tools for many different applications, with both form and function.
Decorations (Candles, Mantel Decor, Pictures, Lamps, etc.) 
We offer many types of decorative items that can be used to dress up your fireplace room, or any room in the house. Candles, ceramics, glass, mantel decorations, plush animals, pictures, lamps, baskets and tins - these are just some of the items available either through our store or direct by mail. Looking for something special? Give us a call.

Gift Store

Jams and jellies, cheeses, country gifts, furniture, decorations, pictures, baskets, tins, ceramics.