Inception Reports

Project Inception Reports

CPWF projects are expected to write an Inception Report in lieu of their first six-monthly progress report, and submit it to their Basin Leader. The timing of inception reporting is given here. The report template can be downloaded from here. The report is structured as follows:
1. Progress made during project inception
2. Compliance with contracting requirements
3. Needs from the CPWF
4. Financial management
5. Annexes of updated project documents

BDC Inception Reports

On receipt of the Project Inception Reports, the Basin Leader writes the BDC Inception Report, which includes an evaluation of the Project Reports, and submits it to the CPMT member responsible for their basin.  The template for the BDC Inception Report can be downloaded from hereThe timing of these reports is given here.

The BDC Inception Report is structured as follows:
1. Progress made during BDC inception
2. Needs from the CPWF
3. Evaluation of projects
4. Project Inception Reports (attached as Annexes)

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