At Center Point-Urbana Schools, we strive to provide our students with the best 21st Century learning opportunities, in the best possible learning environment.  The CPU School District is facing several infrastructure needs, including fire and Americans w/Disabilities Act  (ADA) code compliance issues.  Also, there are irreparable Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems at the Intermediate and Middle Schools that must be addressed.  

A community group of 40+ people have been working on the development of the Center Point-Urbana School District’s long range Master Facilities Plan.  The work occurred with guidance and assistance from many members of the CPU staff, consultants, and most importantly CPU community members.  The committee toured all of the facilities, identified the infrastructure and facility replacement needs for each, and developed a long-range plan for facilities and capital needs in order to make recommendations to the school board.  

Initially, the committee identified over 80 infrastructure and facility needs throughout the District.  The 80 items were studied and ranked by cost and need.  These items were narrowed down to five priorities which totaled $23,222,000.  In a compromise required to stay within the District’s current $12,000,000 bonding capacity limit, the general consensus of the community group was to recommend the projects below.


On April 1, CPU Community School District residents will vote on a $12 million bond referendum for CPU.  Two informational meetings will be held prior to the vote:

Center Point ~ Monday, March 10 ~ Middle School Cafeteria 7:00 p.m. Piper Jaffery & Co. will be present to answer tax impact questions.

Urbana ~ Tuesday, March 11 ~ Intermediate School Media Center 7:00 p.m.

Consider joining us for one or both of the community meetings and tour the Intermediate and Middle School buildings to see the proposed improvements.  

PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS - Total cost of $11 to $12.5 million

$4 to $4.5 million – Renovate the south wing, replace the 102-year old portion of the building,  upgrade the building’s dated and deteriorating heating and cooling system, and make the whole building fire safety and ADA compliant to ensure handicap accessibility.
$3.5 to $4 million – Upgrade the irreparable 50-year old heating and cooling system, replace the 111-year old portion of the building, reconstruct the East façade and make the whole building fire safety and ADA compliant to ensure handicap accessibility.
$3.5 to $4 million – Make progress towards fulfilling the original vision for the High School by constructing Industrial Technology classrooms at the High School.  In addition, if bids are low and the budget allows, construct the weight room/wrestling room facilities at the High School.

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