Welcome to the KLO Math Coach Corner!

Here at the K-Lo, the love for teaching and learning math is evident.  Children are working hard to master challenging and varied strategies.  Ultimately, they are aiming to use more efficient strategies as they have more mathematics experiences and as their math understanding develops.  Classrooms come alive with student discourse around various strategies used to solve the same problem.  Teachers are providing students with problem solving opportunities that are exciting, challenging and that meet the needs of our diverse learners.  Students in grades JK-5 are learning to share and explain various strategies and to make their thinking visible.  K-Lo mathematicians are encouraged to make sense of math problems and of the structure of our base ten number system.

Please visit the resources to the left to find support sites, curriculum links, MCAS information and coach contact info.  The curriculum being used to teach the math standards is called Math in Focus.  Please select the tab to the left titled "KLO Math Curriculum" to access the curriculum itself as well as family resources.

Thank you for visiting the Math Coach's Corner!

Karla Anderson
JK-5 Math Coach