Welcome to the 7th grade class of 2018 and families!

Welcome to 7th grade! We are excited for a new year and fresh start at Vassal Lane Upper School. We recognize that the internet is an excellent avenue for communication between school and home. We hope that your family finds this site useful uses it as a resource to keep the lines of communication open between teachers, students, family and staff.

Week 34 Homework Grid (Date: 5/15 - 5/19)        Name:


Monday’s HW

(due Tuesday)

Tuesday’s HW

(due Wednesday)

Wednesday’s HW

(due Thursday)

Thursday's HW

(due Friday)

Friday's HW

(due Monday)


Read 30 minutes

Bring props to school (as appropriate)

Read 30 minutes

4 monologue rehearsals

Bring costume to school (as appropriate)

Read 30 minutes

Be ready for monologue night!!


Read 60 minutes

Monologue Reflection Letter

Social Studies

Reading: Geography  & Early Romans

(32.1 - 32.2)




Reading: Rise of the Republic (33.1-33.2, with vocab)



Level Math

Order of Operations WS

Finish game

Area WS

Finish Game Due Tomorrow



Operations with Positive and Negative Numbers

Accelerated Math

Study for Test Tomorrow




Read: Ch 7.1

Do: p. 16 #3-8

World Language

French :Be ready to do interview on favorite film if you haven’t gone yet.

French: Study for the Unit 4 test next week - use study packets handed out in class

Bonne chance avec ton discours ce soir !

First class next week will be the Unit 4 test in French.


Important Notes From Teachers:

It’s Monologue Week!  Thank you all for the support you are giving at home to help your child be ready for Thursday night’s performance!  Memorization, acting, and performance skills are all progressing, and we expect that you will be moved by the power of the stories you will hear on Thursday night.  We look forward to seeing you all then.  As a reminder, students should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their performance window, and are welcome to leave if needed once their performance is done, although all are encouraged to stay as long as possible and support the work of the entire 7th grade.

Monologue Night Norms: On Monologue night, please help us ensure a focused performance area for all students by keeping hallway conversations to a whisper, only entering or exiting rooms during applause, and not accessing any lockers during the performances.  The only part of the building that will be open is the 7th/8th grade wing, and students should not be in any other part of the building.  We appreciate everyone’s help in making this a supportive night honoring the stories of amazing individuals, and celebrating the success of our student researchers, writers, and actors.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions for the 7th grade team, feel free to email any teacher. If you have questions about a particular class, please contact the teacher of that class. Weekly homework grids and teacher contact information can be found on our 7th grade website: https://sites.google.com/a/cpsd.us/grade7/home