Digital Citizenship

Cincinnati Public Schools students are provided with age-appropriate training in Digital Citizenship, including education around the district's Acceptable Use Policy and Mobile Device Agreement, Internet Etiquette and Online Safety, & Cyberbullying. All students access Digital Citizenship materials through Schoology, our district Learning Management System, and are lead through the materials by an instructor.

For Pre-K to 6th grade students and 7th-12th graders in a school that does not have Advisory, they will access this material through a separate Digital Citizenship course.

For most 7th-12th graders, this material will be accessed through their Advisory course as part of the Advisory curriculum.

All students should complete the three Digital Citizenship modules during the first semester of each year.

Parents can view more information about their child's Digital Citizenship course by accessing their parent Schoology accounts. Parents can get an access code from their school's front office, by calling the help desk (513-363-0390) or from information mailed through USPS at the start of each school year.

The Acceptable Use Policy/Mobile Device Agreements can be found at these links:

Grades K-2:

Grades 3-6:

Grades 7-12: