Helping Students in Grades 7-12 Set a Course for the Future

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At Cincinnati Public Schools, we are preparing students to pursue the career paths of their choice – whatever they imagine them to be.

For our students, there are many paths to success. The College and Career Compass is designed to help families and students navigate their options so they can make informed plans for the future. The Compass applies to all CPS students in grades 7-12, no matter if their post-graduation plans involve enrolling in higher education, immediately seeking employment or enlisting in the armed forces. Included on these pages are resources to help students and families:

Guiding Students on Their Journey

As our students map out their futures, CPS school counselors help guide them on their journey. Throughout their time at CPS, students can turn to our counselors for advice, guidance and advocacy. And as they lay the groundwork for their future careers, our students have access to a wealth of information and resources made available by our school counselors. Our school counselors also strive to develop close partnerships with our families to promote higher achievement scores, improved behavior and reduced absenteeism.

Have questions? Please contact your child’s counselor at any time to discuss how we can help you set a course for a promising future.