CMB Extras

Championship at the Rock – Oct. 21




*ALL instruments and equipment will be loaded or laid out on Friday Night

*Everyone’s Hat box should have their gloves in it and UNIFORM ONLY is in the garment bag zipped up

*Uniform committee will check these and load at the end of the day Friday, (no hats or gloves on truck). 

*Tenor Saxes, Bari Saxes, Bass clarinets, Horns, Trombones, Baritones, and Tubas at the end of the game load your instrument on the truck.

*Battery Percussion:  At end of game – case and load your instrument including your 3rd movement drums (even if going to game load these)

*Front Ensemble:  Remove all cymbals and bag them- LOAD THEM!. Load speakers, Board, and all front ensemble instruments during 4th quarter.  

*Guard:  You will roll all flags and equipment and Cat and Jillian will count them all before they put them on the truck.  Your skirt and jacket will be in your uniform bag.  Annie and Paxton will check for uniform parts including jacket and skirt.  Cat will take care of make-up/supply box.

*Drum Majors:  Load your podium, Buffalo, and Bigfoot Friday afternoon  


*ALL drinks must have a screw on top.  NO cups with straws or open type lids including coffee cups. 

*Arrive 12:30 for Roll check

*Have on your band shorts, disbanded shirt, black socks, and band shoes!

*You should have with you – personal listening devices/phones, sun screen (may need it for sitting in stands watching bands), pillow/blanket, extra spending $ if you want, white band shirt, and hat box with hat and gloves. You will show your hat and gloves as you get on the bus.

*Guard – be in uniform, no skirt or jacket (garment bags go on your bus)

*Flutes, clarinets, alto Saxes, and trumpets LOAD YOUR INSTRUMENT! 

*Leaving ASAP after roll check

*Arrive at War Memorial by 1:30

*We will unload, dress, and be ready for warm-up at 2:50.  DO NOT PLAY YOUR INSTRUMENTS AROUND THE BUS! Guard meet outside of our bus at 2:40 for make-up and uniform check.

*Parents helping to clean up field meet at truck at 3:00 for instructions

*Performance time is 3:45

*Come back to bus put instruments in cases and back on truck or in bus (percussion we will leave yours out, but in cases for the battery).  Be organized!

*Hang up jackets/bibbers and put plume and shoes/socks/gloves on your bus seat neatly.  Parents will help with getting hats to the correct hang up rack (and jacket).  Please be patient as you look for your numbers.

*Prelim awards – (Drum Majors on field and Guard leadership) @5:00

*Eat Dinner and Family meeting ASAP after awards by the food tents by trailer.  

*Finals start at 6:30. We will have to give you instructions on these times at diner.  The spots are done by a draw for when you play. 

*After we finish our finals run J we will go back to the buses and load EVERYTHING just as it was when we left Cabot – in stands to watch bands and awards- black shorts white band shirt (this could change by our draw for finals).

*Drum Majors and guard leadership on the field for awards

*Awards follow final band performance 9:15ish

*Awards end and we go STRAIGHT to the bus

*Arrive home (HOPEFULLY) by 11:00 – Please help make sure all items are off of the bus and help unload truck.

 *Sunday SLEEP!!!!!