It is essential that teachers teaching English as much as foreign language as a non-language area in the bilingual program have the opportunity to use it as a vehicle of communication in as many contexts as possible

Not long ago, the “Programas de Cooperación Territorial”  between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and the Autonomous Communities allowed the development of process-based training itineraries language immersion.

The lack of coverage and support that enable us these “Programas de Cooperación Territorial”, leave a space that Training teachers and resources Centers try to meet through new formative proposals although with some limitations.

In this context, a training activity we called "Talking about ... educational issues & trends" is proposed by the CPR Gijón-Oriente, directed towards teachers specialists in foreign languages (English Language) and teachers of non-language areas, with a minimum level B2 teaching English.

The format of the activity will follow the marking pattern as in previous years with another activity called “Unidades Formativas” but will consit of 2-hour interactive conversational sessions each week. In addition to participation in a context of language immersion (through conversation, reading documents and viewing movies), the analysis of and reflection on educational issues are present for the topics (Bilingual education, homework, attention to diversity, Diversity and multiculturalism, Parents schools ...).