Google Docs 1 (Creating, Editing, Sharing, and Organizing)

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You can also to and click the  icon in the upper right. Enter your full CPPS email and the password that was created for you. 

General Support
For info on any part of Google apps, you can go to the Google Support Page. When there, click on the service you are interested in, and then search for what you need. 

Google Docs is part of the Google Apps platform with much potential for users of all levels. It is simple enough for a beginner but robust enough for advanced users as well. This lesson will guide you through some of the basic features as well as show you some of the possibilities. For those of you who are new to Google Docs, view the video below to get an overview of what it is and what it can do:

Google Docs Intro

Google Docs Key Features
  • Only one version of the document exists (no email attachments, no waiting for edits)
  • Edit anytime from any computer (even offline with some limitations)
  • Collaborate in real time with multiple users
  • Control privacy and permissions

Google Docs Can Help you Smile

Watch the videos below to learn how to use some of the basic features and organize your Google Docs. You should be able to do everything on the following checklist:

Your Task
For your assignment, complete the following:
  • Create a new Google Document and name it like this: "(Your Name) Google Test"
  • Write a few things about yourself, insert an image you like, and one idea you have about how you could use Google Docs in your position. 
  • Share the document with a colleague. Give each person the permission to edit, and from the share setting screen, send them a message with what you would like them to do. 
  • Upload an existing document (Word, PowerPoint, Pages, or other) into your Google Drive and change your settings so that it converts to Google Docs format.