Welcome to Commodore Perry's 4th and 5th Grade

At CP, our 4th and 5th grades are departmentalized with Mrs. Currie teaching writing and grammar; Mrs. Voisey teaching reading and spelling; and Mrs. Rowe/Mrs. Olson team teaching math and science. Mrs. Currie and Mrs. Voisey also teach 4th grade social studies, while Mrs. Rowe and Mrs. Olson teach 5th grade social studies. Please use the tabs at the left to navigate to the different subjects and grade levels.

4th Grade Schedule
7:50              Students arrive
7:55-8:15       Homeroom/Handwriting
8:15-10:40      ELA/Social Studies
10:45-11:15    Lunch
11:25-1:30      Math/Science
1:35-2:00        Recess
2:00-2:40        Specials:
                        Mrs. Currie    Mrs. Rowe
        Day 1        Art                      Gym
        Day 2        Gym                   Library
        Day 3        Library                 Music
        Day 4        Music                  STEM
        Day 5        STEM                  Art
2:45-2:50        Dismissal
5th Grade Schedule
7:50              Students arrive
7:55-8:15       Homeroom/Handwriting
8:15-10:40      Math/Science/Social Studies
10:50-11:20    Lunch
11:25-1:30      ELA
1:35-2:00        Recess
2:00-2:40        Specials:                           
                        Mrs. Voisey      Mrs.Olson                           
        Day 1        Music                    Library
        Day 2        STEM                    Music
        Day 3        Art                         STEM
        Day 4        Gym                       Art
        Day 5        Library                    Gym
2:45-2:50        Dismissal
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