Welcome to the Commodore Perry's Third Grade Website!
    We are excited to begin a new school year. 


Welcome to upstairs 3rd Grade Families!!!

We hope your summer is going well!  It’s hard to believe, but we’ll be back to school shortly.  As you’re getting ready for school to start again - here are a few things we thought you might like to know as you start to get ready.   

We will be asking you to share something exciting you did over the summer, so please be thinking about all the fun things you have done (or are planning to do).  For instance, “I spent a week in Deep Creek, Maryland with my family, and my daughter got her driver’s license! “- Ms. Cianci “We got a new horse named Midnight. Can you guess what color she is?” - Mr. Straub

Most of the supplies you will need are provided by the school.  The binder, sleeves, and folders given will hold all your important information, papers, and assignments.  We will also have highlighters, markers, erasers, crayons, and pencils for you. You are more than welcome to provide your own if you’d like, but you don’t have to.  To help stay organized, we do encourage you to bring your own plastic pencil box.

This year we are excited to be starting a new reading series called Benchmark Advanced.  It will be replacing Storytown. There are a few changes that we are still working on and figuring out, but can’t wait to get started!  

Here is a tentative outline of our schedule:

7:50-8:15- Breakfast, announcements, morning work

8:15-10:45- ELA (reading, spelling, grammar)

10:50-11:20- LUNCH

11:25-12:55- Math

12:55-1:15- Health/Social Studies

1:17-1:57- Specials

Miss Cianci Mr. Straub

Day 1: Gym Day 1: Library

Day 2: Library Day 2: STEM

Day 3: Music Day 3: Art

Day 4: Art         Day 4: Careers

Day 5: Careers Day 5: Gym

Day 6: STEM Day 6: Music

2:00-2:25- Recess

2:25-2:45- Science/Health

2:51- Dismissal

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at ncianci@cppanthers.org or cstraub@cppanthers.org

We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd!       

Miss Cianci & Mr. Straub