FirstCare Customer Information

FirstCare covers topics on our web site that may be helpful to you.  Here is how you get there:

Go to
Under Individuals and Families, click on Marketplace Plans
Click on links to go to the topics desired

We would like you to sign up for the member portal on our web site.  This will let you get to info and tips more easily.  To sign up, click on Register at the top of the web site.  It will take you to the portal page where you will click on Register.  If you don't want to use the web site, you may call our Customer Service Department (numbers provided below).  They will answer any questions you might have.  They will also send you printed copies of info posted on our web site that you would like.
The topics covered on the web site include:

How to get language assistance
How to submit a claim for covered services if needed
Benefits, including services covered and not covered
Your costs for services, including co-pays and other charges
A list of the approved medicines in your plan
A list of the providers and hospitals approved in our plan network.  Also, how to get care outside of our plan
How to get approval for medicine, treatment, surgery, or hospital stays
How to find a general doctor, specialist (including behavioral health), hospital, or emergency room
When to use emergency care and 911
How to get medical care after office hours
What to do if you have questions about your bill
How to submit a complaint or appeal
FirstCare's guidelines on how to stay healthy and prevent disease
Schedules for vaccines
FirstCare's Complex Case Management and Disease Management programs
Your member rights and responsibilities
How we guard the privacy of your health information
FirstCare's Quality Improvement Program goals and results
FirstCare's Compliance  Program
FirstCare's decisions about new tests, medicine, treatment, etc. as benefits
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many of these topics are covered in your member handbook, which is posted on FirstCare's web site. We provide you with this handbook in order to help you know how your health plan works.

FirstCare's Customer Service
Plan Customer Service Phone Number
HMO 1-800-884-4901
PPO 1-800-240-3270

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