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The CPCS Chapter of Tri- M Presents

Jazz Day 2017

March 3, 2017

Colton- Pierrepont Central School

8:30- 8:50 A.M. Arrival & Settle In

8:50- 9:00- Transition into auditorium

9:00- 9:15- Welcome and setting the “tone”

9:15- 11:00- Vocal Session w/ Elise LetourneauTim Bedner   (guitar) in Library (breaks at liberty of session leader)

9:15-11:00 -Instrumental Students w/ Don Washington in Auditorium- Intro to “Real Easy Book”

Break into groups based on age/experience

Auditorium- Elders

Band Room- Masters

Band Lobby- Practitioners

Band Lower Lobby-Novices

11:15- 11:45- Lunch

11:45- 12:15 Transition Back to Auditorium

12:15- 1:30- Present work for comment from Ms. Letourneau & Mr. Washington


Elise Letourneau- Vocal Jazz
Don Washington- Instrumental Jazz Arranging & Performing

Participating Schools:

Hermon- Dekalb
Clifton- Fine
Norwood- Norfolk
Edwards- Knox
Brasher Falls
Colton Pierrepont

Minor Pentatonic Scale (Concert Bb)

Bb Db Eb F Ab

(Eb Translation- G  Bb C  D  F)
(Bb Translation- C Eb F G Bb)
(F Translation- F Ab Bb C Eb)

Basic 12 Bar Blues Progression

|  Bb | % | % | Eb|
| Eb | % | Bb | Bb|
| F | Eb | Bb | Bb |

Intermediate 12 Bar Blues Progression

| Bb | Eb | Bb | Bb7#11|
|Eb | % | Bb | G7 |
| Cm7 | F7 | Bb | G7 | Cm7 | F7 |

Advanced 12 Bar Blues Progression

| F9  F7#11| Bb7 Bdim| F dm7 cm7 F7#11|
| Bb7 | Bb9 | F7 Bb7 | Am7 D7#9 |
| Gm7 | C11 | F9 Ab7 | Db ^7 Gb^7 |

* ^ denotes Major Major seventh chord

It is time to learn the bop scale. The bop scale (basic) is a major scale that has both a natural and a dominant seventh. Put this in your memory bank because we will be using this a lot.

Solfege                   Do Re Mi Fa Sol La te Ti Do

C inst.                    Bb C D Eb F G Ab A* Bb

Bb inst.                  C D E F G A Bb B* C

Eb inst.                  G A B C D E F F# G

F inst.                    F G A Bb C D Eb E* F

Practice this exercise. 
Play the scale starting with Do and continue to an octave.
Start with the second note (Re) and continue to an octave.
Continue this process for each note until you have played a scale starting with each note. 

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do Re
Mi Fa So La Ti Do Re Mi
Fa So La Ti Do Re Mi Fa

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Don Washington,
Jan 25, 2017, 5:24 AM
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Don Washington,
Jan 25, 2017, 5:24 AM
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Don Washington,
Jan 25, 2017, 5:24 AM