Lesson Rubric

 Preparedness (5)Student is on time with folder, music, instrument and pencil in hand. 
Pitch (5)Student plays with melodic accuracy.
Rhythm (5)Student plays with rhymic accuracy. 
 Tone (5)Tone is open, clear and supported. 
 Posture (5)Student sits on the front edge of the seat with both feet firmly in the floor and back strait. 

Please be sure to practice the following skills to "ease" into the new school year.

Long Tones, Register Key Exercises, Lip Slurs
Concert Bb, Eb, F, C and G Scales
Lesson book pages from the beginning to wherever you were in June

Very Important:
Sometimes you need to stop what you're doing and take time to laugh. Please watch the video below (1935 concert video).