Participating Schools

Schools and students, welcome to THE Geek Festival (TGF)! Below is an overview of event activities throughout the day that you may find educational and entertaining. More information about each session or festivity can be found through the event site.

Important Things to Know
  1. Please have your buses let students out by the circle of international flags on the far left side of the campus. We will have security direct the drivers on where to park on the side of the campus.
  2. Once you arrive, we will have a CPCC volunteer step onto your bus to give a brief introduction and go over logistics of the expo. Please try to keep your students seated for this 5 minute presentation.
  3. During the expo portion of the day, students are free to participate in any activities, sessions, presentations, etc that are occurring. See the "Festivities" and "Schedule" areas of this site for details! Please note that there may be a limited number seats. Get yours early!
  4. If your students plan to eat on campus, know that Subway will be available and other clubs/programs will be selling food/snacks as well. Be prepared for longer lines at all campus eating locations due to the volume of students.
  5. When leaving, buses will pick-up students at the flag poll circle. If you have any questions or need assistance, please visit the "Command Center" on the 1st floor of Levine.
 If you have any questions, please contact Katrina Johnson in CPCC's Outreach and Recruitment area.