THE Geek Fest 2017

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THE Geek Fest (TGF) offers quality conference-style presentations, guest speakers and topic sessions for one amazingly low price -- FREE. Yes, it's really FREE. Session topics range from software development and animation to social media and education. There is something for everyone and all levels of geek during THE Geek Fest. Sessions begin at 10:00 a.m. and are generally 1 hour in length with 15 minute breaks between. Seating is limited so try to get there early and grab your spot!

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ATTN CPCC Employees
Yes, Professional Development (PD) credit is available for attending CPCC faculty and staff! If you are a CPCC employee, Professional Development (PD) credit is available for attending many of the sessions during THE Geek Fest. Access LearnerWeb and enroll in select sessions today OR submit the external conference application form after the event to attain your PD credit. Note that you may be required to enter your employee login if accessing it from off-campus.