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Learn, Geek and Win With Geek Game @THE Geek Fest
For THE Geek Fest 2013, we're happy to release our new "Geek Game" for attendees. The "Geek Game" is a simple mobile game that rewards attendees for attending guest speaker sessions, engaging with exhibit hall interactions and completing goal-oriented challenges. Top scoring participants are highlighted in real time via the leader board. Learn, geek and win!

Game Rules + Times
  • Participants must provide a valid email address. It's required for the game. No, we're not going to share it with anyone.
  • The game starts at the beginning of THE Geek Fest at the Levine Campus on November 14, 2013 at  9 A.M. 
  • The game ends at the end of THE Geek Fest event at the Central Campus on November 14, 2013 at 8 P.M. 
How to Score + Win 
  • Participants will attain “Tokens” that provide points every time they complete a game activity. 
  • Different types of activities will give you different point values:
    • Visiting a display in our exhibit hall = 25 points
    • Solve a challenge = 50+ points
    • Attending a break-out session or guest speaker = 100 points
  • Participants will enter specific "Tokens" and attain their points by going to the unique web address or by scanning the QR code that is provided with it. 
  • Once a token has been submitted, participants will receive a confirmation.
  • Every exhibitor will have a unique token with points. Visit the exhibit hall displays to earn tokens.
  • Every session will have a unique token with points. Attend the sessions to earn tokens.
  • Challenges will be posted via "THE Geek Fest" social media. Complete the challenges to earn tokens. Follow THE Geek Fest on Twitter and Facebook!
  • Submitting duplicate token entries will earn you zero points.
  • Participants may attend as many sessions, exhibitor tables or solve as many challenges as offered in the time allowed.

Scoring + Winning
  • To monitor your progress and view the top-scoring gamers, check-out the online "Geek Game" leader board! 
  • The top 3 highest-scoring gamers will receive prizes.
  • Prizes and winners will be announced following the event.
  • Winners will be contacted via their email address.

Prizes For TOP Scorers
  1. The TOP scorer will win a Dell Venue 7 Tablet.
  2. The second place top scorer will win a Track Scan Vibras Five.One 3300 surround sound headset system.
TGF2013 Winners Announced

 WinnerScore      Prize
alison.c.garcia923050 Dell Venue 7 Tablet
 j.parker.garrison2900 Track Scan Vibras Five.One 3300

Get Started Playing "Geek Game" Now!
  • Earn 25 free points by entering the token eLgg13 in the "Geek Game" entry form. 


Geek Wink

Dell Venue 7