One of the coolest things about THE Geek Fest is the exhibition area. Much of the first floor of the Levine Campus  will be filled with many groups and organizations that come to share with the community. This tradition continues this year with a stellar line-up we know you'll enjoy.

          Barnes and Noble College    
 Ignite CX

In and out of the classroom, Barnes & Noble College is committed to delivering the tools, resources and support that will enhance the campus experience. With Promoversity now part of the Barnes & Noble College family, your campus will have access to a convenient new service that will help them drive school spirit and raise funds for their campus groups and organizations. Stop by to see and hear how IgniteCX can help your organization create custom products.    

                  Carolina Cigar Box Club    
Cigar Box Guitars: Blues with a Cigar Box Guitar    

A short history lecture about Cigar Box Guitars and the Blues. We have several Cigar Box Guitar examples to see and try out.

Step One, Step Two

Information about the School of Evening and Graduate Studies

The Internet of Things, IoT, is upon us in a big way and more objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate.  This group is for those who are excited about connecting disparate devices to one another ranging from wireless communication to the internet.  Everyone is welcome from novices, hobbyists, makers, experts, wizards and the inquisitive. 

Find out more about our public makerspace housed in the Main library uptown. Charlotte Mecklenburg Library encourages visitors to get 
“creatively messy”with free access to tools to design, build, and co-create.

We design, build and operate custom unmanned vehicles for data collection purposes. 

Jewelry made from computer parts    

We would like to put out information about ChickTech and about our upcoming High School program for girls to learn tech. In addition, we want to maybe show off some fun online coding tutorials and perhaps some tech. 

Vivid Thinking 🤔

Career force SYNERGY: Identify your LENS & learn how your brain can see the full perSPECtive. 

View Virtual environments created by students in the Architectural Technology Department.    

In Painting 1 we work from direct observation. To do this we incorporate, measurement, ratio, proportion, the physics of color and optics, anatomy, perspective and so on. The paintings are done from actually still life set ups. The depiction of the objects are done so that nature is imitated in a three-dimension way on a two-dimensional surface.  

Tables will be set up for chess playing/instruction

AAAF's display of equipment and technology used by the program. 

The Digital Media, Journalism and Communication Division offers students a variety of courses in simulation and gaming, journalism, communication and digital film.  As the world of media arts brings together people from different places faster and on smaller devices, you will learn fundamental skills that will prepare you for careers in the fields that create, produce and support these forms of news, entertainment and social connectivity.

CPCC's Engineering Technologies programs prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow with many of the 
leading advanced manufacturing companies and organizations across the globe.

Information of program, student club (Electrical Systems Society), and demonstrations of technology of the Electrical Systems Technology Program at Central Piedmont Community College. 

Study abroad, NC Scholars of Global Distinction, GSA    

Information of program, come hang out with the creators of cool stuff like your favorite tagging labels (stickers) to creating packaging for everything that we purchase, screen printing tee shirts, and digital imaging design.

Health Information Technology (HIT) is a combination of business, sciences, and information technology. It involves caring for patients by caring for their medical data.

Put together a collection of interesting computer related technology and displayed/explained for a day. Components included a variety of storage devices, including a 13” solid hard drive platter, 9”, 5.25”, and 3.5” floppys, 40-year old polaroids, and a variety of other historical bits of technology. The demonstration was surprisingly popular, with participants of all ages from children to senior citizens coming up and saying, “I remember that…!”    

The Academic Chapter of the International Game Developers Association at CPCC. We will be providing information on IGDA, how students can help the Academic Chapter, and showing examples of student work from the Simulation and Game Development program    

A showcase of Japanese style arcades and Cosplay    

Rotaract will be making slime to sell for a fundraiser and teaching students how to make it 

An assortment of games, puzzles, and problems to entice the mathematician lurking inside of everyone    

The Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) Technology curriculum prepares students for careers in non-destructive testing of materials, equipment and/or components. NDE test methods assess an object’s integrity without affecting its function. NDE is used in many industries, including construction, petrochemical, pulp and paper, power generation and aerospace.

Vintage automobiles decidedly built with a well-worn appearance    

We'll have a table of science exhibits such as green glowing bacteria!   

Speed Geek
The latest in BMW vehicles and an introduction to our automotive courses and students 

The James Turner Institute of Welding Technology at Central Piedmont Community College is focused on being the leader in workforce development for the Charlotte area and region.  Our skilled faculty works closely with local and regional industry to provide highly customizable training programs to enhance the employee's skills and create a pipeline of talent for future growth.

Come explore High-Tech and Low-Tech MAKE projects with Joel from the Discovery Place Education Studio. 
If you are interested in getting started with 3D Printing we will have information and advice to share. 

Founded by Rick Hendrick in 1984, Hendrick Motorsports has earned more than 200 race victories and a record 11 car owner 
championships in NASCAR’s premier division, the Cup Series. The organization fields four full-time Chevrolet teams on the Sprint Cup 
circuit with drivers Kasey Kahne, Chase Elliott, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Headquartered in Concord, N.C., 
Hendrick Motorsports employs more than 500 people. 

We will present the 2017 No. 24 NAPA show car for Chase Elliott and the 2017 No. 48 Lowe’s show car for Jimmie Johnson.

Celebrating 50 years of excellence in orbital welding, Liburdi Dimetrics presents state of the art PTW160 portable power supply & enclosed L-2000 autogenous welding head.    

3D Printing

Hands on activities related to making as well as demos of projects made by MakerSpace Charlotte members.    

Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society – Stop by to see our demo of digital 
Amateur Radio (Ham), voice and data communication. When infrastructure
is damaged or overloaded, as during Harvey, Irma, and Maria, or forest fires
and floods, we get busy with Health and Welfare messages, and backup

Learn about a program to expose and prepare 11th, 12th and current CPCC students for college level STEM courses 

Check-out the rolling cart featuring ReadyANIMATOR, animation hardware invented by John Lemmon Films. 
Create your own stop-motion animation using the iPad and the Stop Motion Studio Pro app. 
JLF is a traditional animation studio producing character animation, for TV commercials and videos. 
Clients include Disney, Pacific Bell, and Cartoon Network.    

Sharp Aquos Boards and Smart Classroom Technology

It'll be lit
We will have a table where students can contribute to a collaborative poem or story    

Come check out the T-Mobile truck with some of their latest technology

Presentation of some of the technology we have available, such as Raspberry PI computers, laptops, desktop PCs

We will have 3D printers, laser cut felt, and LEDs for people to print, assemble, and make the components for wearable statement pieces.

YETI Robotics team will demonstrate its 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition robot, Permafrost - picks up 1.5' gears and places them on a peg. Can be interactive.    

A table of board games with demos people can learn and look at.