Malawi International Mission of Community Presbyterian Church

CPCBA and 41 other churches in the Pittsburgh Presbytery have been partnered with churches in the Synod of Blantyre in Malawi, Africa since 1991. To help personalize the relationships, more than thirty congregations are twinned with sister congregations in Malawi. Members of each congregation agree to correspond, to pray for each other, and to host visitors as they come from the other country. CPCBA's partner church is in Linithipe, Malawi.

Pittsburghers traveled to Malawi in Educational, Evangelical, Manual Labor, Medical, Musical, and Women's Ministries teams from 1993 through 1998. Members of CPCBA have participated in three of these partnership visits. In the last trip to Malawi, the people from Pittsburgh worked in three areas: music, with joint choirs performing throughout the country; construction/refurbishing and cooperative medical work at the Mission Hospital.

The Partnership gave rise to the "Blocks of Blantyre" program which has provided needed funds for the renovation and construction of the Domasi Mission Church, School, and Health Clinic. The Presbytery has donated over one million dollars in medical and educational supplies to Malawi in 1996 and 1998.

CPCBA and other Presbyterian churches strive to assist our partners in Africa who enrich all of us with their praise and love for Jesus. They can feel your help every day.

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