Drawing with Mr. Green

My name is James Green I have been teaching drawing classes in the south bay for the last nine years. I have taught and I am currently teaching classes for children and adults in both the Santa Clara and Campbell community centers. I teach private classes for individuals and group, these classes work very well for pre school ages, kindergarten, junior high, high school, home school children, and mature adults. The ages range from four year olds to some students in their mid-seventies I have three years of college level art training in drawing, painting (oils, watercolor and acrylic), pastels, design and color theory. I am very flexible in conforming a class structure for group or individual specific needs and requests. My classes are for the most part an introduction to drawing. I also teach intermediate and advanced drawing techniques for the more serious students. I believe that there is enough pressure on students to learn subject matter that does not initially interest them. I want to bring my student into an environment that is more relaxed, which makes it easier to learn at a pace that is both going forward and comfortable. In the class the student will experience the joy of drawing as they develop new skills. My goal is to build confidence, creativity, imagination, but most of all to have fun. My approach is that if the child or adult has fun, and they enjoy the process they will learn. Not only will they learn, but also they will have a firm foundation and appreciation for the arts.

James Green

Student of the Arts

The classes for the younger (4 to 6 and 6 to 8) year old student will focus on using a simple shape, (square, circles, triangles…etc) to start a drawing. We will add shapes to build an object. This is a wonderful way to help with motor skills and the placement of an object on the paper. I will place a great deal of attention on teaching the student to first draw soft and light, this will help in their ability to edit the drawing and make the needed changes. The students will follow my step by  step instructions to complete the desired drawing. In the last half of the class I will assist the students with coloring and adding their personal touches to their individual pieces. Example…

If the subject matter is a Tiger, will the student want to place the tiger in the surrounding of a circus jungle or zoo? This makes the drawing personal for the student, they can now identify and actually see on paper what they envisioned in their mind.

The student in the older (8 to 12yrs.) classes  with begin to turn two dimensional object into three dimensional objects. Example we will start with a square and turn it into a cube. I show the student how to create shadow and shade on objects. The students will do exercises that will help them understand, and draw what they see and not what they think. Drawing is intense observation, without the ability to study an object, you will not be able to accurately draw the object. The student will be encouraged to bring their own subject matter to class that they will draw. I believe that student will draw better and be more determined to do a good job if the subject matter is something that interest them. I do not expect perfection, but I pursue excellence, and to me excellence is trying to do the best you can.
Last but certainly not least. It is my deepest desire that your children will enjoy the journey learning to draw with me as much as I will enjoy teaching them. This job has been and will always be a labor of LOVE
Price for 14 sessions:
$196 if paid cash/check
$238 if going thru Ocean Grove