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The Trustees of the Cowessess Treaty Land Entitlement Trust are responsible for the management and administration of the Cowessess Treaty Land Entitlement Trust.

The goals an
d objectives as set down by the Trustees and Council have been to acquire lands within the areas immediately surrounding the existing Reserve lands for economic development opportunities in areas and lands located within or surrounding urban centers. The long-term goal of the Trustees and Council are to acquire and have placed into Reserve Status on behalf of the Membership the full equity requirement allotted to the Band under the terms of the Settlement Agreement.

The Cowessess Treaty Land Entitlement Settlement Agreement and the Trust Agreement establishing the Cowessess Treaty Land Entitlement Trust outlines the roles and responsibilities applicable to both the Cowessess First Nation Chief and Council and the Trustees of the Cowessess Treaty Land Entitlement Trust. Each body has a different but defined role. The key element to the success of the Cowessess treaty land entitlement will be that the two bodies work together to achieve objectives of land acquisition and band development.

Vision Statement Cowessess Treaty Land Entitlement are accountable leaders in securing and managing a land base that provides beneficial opportunities to its membership and the surrounding communities to build a strong economic base for present and future generations.

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